맛있어 세훈아?

look at that body


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▬ kai x krystal ; perfect otp.

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[140207] From the Star:  Yunho birthday party ~^____.^~

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[TRANS] Yunho’s official message on his birthday!

Thank you, everyone ~^__^~
For my birthday this time again, I reached 29 while receiving congratulations from many people…
I feel the importance of the word ‘responsibility’ greatly as I get older.~

Thank you, everyone!!
Please anticipate UKnow Yunho for this year as well as I will show you dynamic and awesome appearances.~^__^~

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→[TRANS] [From. SOOYOUNG] SONE always deserves better!!:)



Finally, formally, officialy~~
Girls’ Generation’s comeback, doodoong!! It’s been announced!?ㅎㅎ
In the meantime.. Our fans were going we miss soshi~.. Then I want to see them soon~..
And then I want to see them right now~.. and then how you felt like, whoa!! I’d be happy if they would just…

SNSD Mr. Mr. teaser - Yuri

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